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+Name: Melissa
+Age: 15
+Sex: Female
+Weight(dont lie, fat people rock): Fat Kid- 130
+Bands: Thursday, My Chemical Romance, GlassJAw, Cursive, A Static Lullaby
+Rappers(dont even lie everyone loves some rap): I love me some Jay Z fo sho' <3
+What's your style?: Jeans and Tee Shirt.
+What do you think about scene? Some people take it too seriously. likeomgi'msoharcore
+Are you scene? Not really.
+Does tbb kick ass or what? Ass kicking is their main job.
+Why are you so fucking rad core? I fucking just am, whore. No, just kidding. Because I'm just plain and simply rad.
+What you think about us mods? You are wicked fucking rad
+Dont you get annoyed with apps...they are all the same: Yeah, their the same, but I'll get over it.
+You like Bush? He ruined our country. Not that it was wonderful to begin with- but it was better.
+You like drugs? No.
+Alcohol? On the occasion.
+Sex? What about it? I couldn't tell you much. Still have the V.Card.
+Frosted flakes? gRRRRRRRRRRReat. Tony the Tiger = <3
+Nicotine? Cigarettes. Addiction. Smoke. Puff. Whatever.

Me- I'm not gorgeous, so don't gag too much. haha.

Sorry that two of them are sideways- They were being a pain in the ass to flip.
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