Melissa (iamahyperdork) wrote in rad_x_core,

im a member but heres my app::

+Name: Melissa
+Age: 16
+Sex: F
+Weight(dont lie, fat people rock): 120
+Bands: Blood Brothers, Symphony in Peril, ETID, The Faint, A7X etc
+Rappers(dont even lie everyoneloves some rap): um i dont like it, well its fun to dance to.. i dont know much about rappers so i cant say who i like or what not but ill just stick with its fun to dance to
+What's your style?: um.. im weird i dont really have a style.. bascially whatever i feel like when i wake up
+What do you think about scene? i guess the scene is ok, but some people take it way out of control and some people just get into it because its becoming the new "thing"
+Are you scene? not really
+Does tbb kick ass or what? shit yea!
+Why are you so fucking rad core? because im a dork and proud of it!
+What you think about us mods? the mods kick ass!
+Dont you get annoyed with apps...they are all the same: ya they ask all the same questions and whatnot but oh well!
+You like Bush? nope, not at all.. what hes done for the world as well as America isnt good. He's lied, gotten us into a postion where we are screwed, he want to reinstate the draft, he wants the Patriot Act, hes pro-life, destorying our envirnoment, got us into major debt (over $1 trillion)...
+You like drugs? nope, never tried it never plan on to
+Alcohol? nope not my cup of tea
+Sex? i could say anything about it.. im waiting
+Frosted flakes? they're grrrrreeeeaaaaaattttttttt!!! gotta love tony the tiger!!
+Nicotine? addictive or so ive heard

  <---boredom in Marine.. i look stupid as fuck but oh well!

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